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·Pushcart Prize, nominee, New South, 2017

·Pushcart Prize, nominee, Nightjar Review, 2017

·Sundress Publications, Finalist, 2017

·Marsh Hawk Press, Finalist, 2017

·Pushcart Prize, nominee, Zoetic Press, 2016

·Pushcart Prize, nominee, Thrush Poetry Journal, 2016

·Sundress Publications, Finalist, 2016

·Ninth Letter poetry contest, honorable mention: judge Tarfia Faizullah, 2016

·Philip Levine Poetry Prize, Semi-finalist, 2016

·Best of the Net, winner, Midway Journal, 2015

·Barbara Deming Memorial Grant for Women, 2013

·Pushcart Prize, nominee, Gold Wake Press, 2013

·Pushcart Prize, nominee, Drifting Down the Lane Anthology, 2013

·Black Lawrence Press Hudson Prize, Semi-Finalist, 2013

·Emerson College Faculty Development Grant, 2013

·Pushcart Prize, nominee, Stone Highway Review, 2012

·St. Boltoph’s Emerging Writer Grant, nominee, 2012, 2013

·“Editor’s Choice” Poetry Contest, Line Zero Magazine, November 2011

·Academy of American Poets Prize, Emerson College, 2009

·Master’s Thesis Departmental Award nomination, Emerson College, 2009


Colrain Poetry Manuscript Conference, Truchas, New Mexico, June 2016: Ellen Dore Watson, Joan Houlihan, Rusty Morrison, and Hilda Raz

Squaw Valley Community of Writers Poetry Workshop, Squaw Valley, CA, June 2012: Robert Hass, Sharon Olds, Kazim Ali, Katie Ford, and C.D. Wright

Professional Service:

Poetry reader, Ploughshares, 2009-2013