“Guevarism” and “How to Survive Neoliberalism” appear in Matter Monthly: A Journal of Political Poetry and Commentary.

Lovely review for The Dark Length Home in Ofi Press: “There is loneliness in this collection: footsteps pattering away, like rain; the world blurred through sea glass; a sweeping tide; the yearning for an almost son, an almost marriage; swimming naked in surrounding blackness; ruinous cicadas and dark secret lips. But if there’s a lonely detachment here, there’s also a sense of control. There is swimming and dancing and spinning movements with a sense of abandonment.”

“What is Trying to Kill You” and “How Capitalism Dreams” are featured in the Fall 2017 issue of Jet Fuel Review.

Much thanks to Nightjar Review for nominating “Saint Lucy” for a Pushcart Prize!

“Saint Hermione” is published in the December 2017 issue of Glass: A Journal of Poetry. 

“How Capitalism Ends” and “How Capitalism Fucks” are published in Issue 19 of Waccamaw.

“A pure girl has an allegiance to goodness, but men have no allegiance to purity. They pollute everything with their venom.” Two poems for women saints appear in Off the Coast.

New South has nominated “Am I a Saint?” for a Pushcart Prize!

“Spell to Stop Harassment,” “Body Spell,” and “Fossil Spell” are featured in issue 7.1 of Bateau Literary Journal.

Carve Magazine published “On Noticing that Nearly Every Biography in the Children’s Book of Women Saints Starts by Describing a ‘Beautiful Girl'” in their Fall 2017 issue.

“Indira Gandhi Speaks to Nixon” is featured alongside many wonderful feminist poets in Nasty Women Poets: An Anthology of Subversive Verse. Buy it here.

Two new poems, “Am I a Saint” and “When They Come for the Girls Today,” from She Saints and Holy Profanities appear in Issue 10.2 of New South.

“Saint Agnes,” a poem for the Patron Saint of rape survivors, girls, and chastity, appears in Fourth and Sycamore.

“Saint Lucy,” a poem for the Patron Saint of the blind, martyrs, and writers, appears in the third issue of Nightjar Review.

“Saint Quiteria” and “Saint Christina the Astonishing” appear in The Boiler.

New poems for women saints up at Tupelo Quarterly, introduced by Simone Muench. “The power of naming is a potent act. Ultimately, Champion’s poems are a repudiation of forced silence; they are an act of severing “the quiet that hovers over forests and good girls.” They are seething songs that deserve to be heard again and again. And, I for one, am here to listen.”

“We Can’t Breathe,” a poem for Eric Garner, appears in issue 44 of Salamander.

“Saint Rita” and “Saint Brigid of Ireland” are featured in issue 10.2 of diode.

Graveyard of Numbers was a finalist for the Marsh Hawk Poetry Prize.

“Florence Nightingale: The Lady with the Lamp” is featured in issue 9.3 of Sweet: A Literary Confection.

Black Lawrence Press welcomes me on board and gives a sneak peek of my book, The Good Girl is Always a Ghost.

“Spell for Machines” appears in the new issue of The Cortland Review.

“The Spice Market” appears in Issue 16.1 of Harpur Palate.

“War Games in Gaza” appears in Rise Up Review, a journal of protest poetry.

“Anne Sexton,” a poem from the forthcoming collection to iconic women, The Good Girl is Always a Ghost, appears in Vol. 6 of Heavy Feather Review.

“In the Rabbi Settler’s House” and “Gaza Prayer Circle” appear in The Potomac.

Several spell poems appear in the Spring 2017 issue of The Pinch.

“Letter from a Martyr’s Widow” appears in the Publication Issue of Puerto Del Sol.

“Nicknames for Wilma Rudolph” and “Christine Jorgensen Speaks to the Press” are featured in Grayson Books’ Anthology of Forgotten Women, available at

“The Rhythm of Uncertainty,” a poem about the resistance in Bi’lin, Palestine, appears in Volume 55 of descant.

The Fem published “Albert Cashier,” a tribute poem to a transgender Union soldier who was put in a mental institution and forced to wear a skirt.

“7 Enduring Myths of the Single Woman” appears in Points in Case–a dash of humor and some salty feminism for seasoning.


Eleven Eleven features two poems to iconic women, “Woman Knight of Mirror Lake,” about feminist Chinese revolutionary Qiu Jin, executed by beheading, and “For Meena Kamal,” about the Afghan feminist activist that was assassinated by government officials.


More spell poems in the new issue of Queen Mob’s Tea House.

Five spell poems, co-written with Jenny Sadre-Orafai, appear in the new issue of Menacing Hedge.


Survival Guide for 2017, when the regular old patriarchy turns into a very angry, very hostile Incredible Hulk patriarchy, published at Buzzfeed.


The Good Girl is Always a Ghost, a collection of odes and persona poems to iconic women, will be published in 2018 by Black Lawrence Press.


“Graveyard of Numbers,” a poem about Palestine, appears in the Fall 2016 issue of Epiphany.


A poem to pinup icon, “Bettie Page and the Wisdom of Old Age,” is published in the Fall 2016 issue of Muzzle Magazine.


More collaborative poems, “Mermaid Spell” and “Conversations with Inherited Jewelry,” appear in the newest issue of Dressing Room Poetry Journal.


“Spell to Delay the End of Time,” a collaborative poem written with Jenny Sadre-Orafai, appears in the new issue of Amethyst Arsenic.


The Greensboro Review just released their 50th anniversary issue, featuring “Mae West Instructs How Not to Love.”


Tremendous gratitude to Zoetic Press for nominating “Burning Pages in Gaza” for a Pushcart Prize, a poem featured in NonBinary Review’s “Art of War” issue.


Borderlands Poetry Review  features a poem about Palestine, “Not in my Name, Nor for my Security,” in Issue 45.


Apt features “Diego and I (Frida Kahlo, 1949)” and “Please Tell Me This About Helen Keller.”

works_diegoandi (1)

Incredibly honored that Thrush Poetry Journal nominated “Weathervane,” a collaborative poem with Jenny Sadre-Orafai, for a Pushcart Prize.


A little comedy/sarcasm/feminism/annoyances in Points in Case: “Tips for My Future Tinder Matches.”


So to Speak: A Feminist Journal published two persona poems about iconic women: “Sally Ride Watches the Challenger Explode” and “Aileen Wuornos.”


Thrush Poetry Journal features “Weathervane” in their Sept. 2016 issue, a poem written with Jenny Sadre-Orafai.


Thrilled to have “Baptism Ritual” from my newest project, a collaborative poetry book of spells and rituals written with Jenny Sadre-Orafai, appear in the new issue of San Pedro River Review.

san pedro

“Eva Peron” appears in Southword Journal.


Up the Staircase Quarterly published “Conversations in which Nicole Brown Simpson’s Ghost Appears” in their 90s themed issue.


Connotation Press published three poems about Palestine for their July 2016 issue.  From the editor, Davon Loeb: “From an interrogation room to long lines in security checkpoints, Anne Champion boldly ignites the conversation of privilege: the privilege of citizenship, nationality, and skin color. Anne’s narrator participates in the crux of the Israeli and Palestinian conflict by questioning her entitlement as a white skinned American in comparison to non-American people of color.  These poems do more than offer a social response, but also invite readers into well written and visceral descriptions so necessary when interpreting groups of people.”


Four poems about Palestine received an honorable mention for Ninth Letter’s poetry contest, judged by Tarfia Faizullah.


“The Book of Sumud” appears in the Summer 2016 issue of Prairie Schooner.


“What Princess Diana Taught Me” is published in issue 3 of the Pittsburgh Poetry Review.


“Burning Pages in Gaza” is published in the Art of War issue for Nonbinary Review, available on Kindle.


WomanArts Quarterly published my poem “Ways to Avoid Despair.”


Unsettling America: Decolonization in Theory and Practice has published four of my poems for Palestine.


“The Hilton Conjoined Twins,” is featured in the spring issue of Boxcar Poetry Review.

The conjoined English Hilton sisters, who can sing, dance, and are accomplished musicians, pose on a couch, London, England, early to mid 20th century. From left, Violet Hilton, and Daisy Hilton. (Photo by Visual Studies Workshop/Getty Images)

The conjoined English Hilton sisters, who can sing, dance, and are accomplished musicians, pose on a couch, London, England, early to mid 20th century. From left, Violet Hilton, and Daisy Hilton. (Photo by Visual Studies Workshop/Getty Images)

It is a tremendous honor that my poem, “The Most Terrible Thing,” a tribute poem to Sylvia Plath on the 50th anniversary of her death, won 2015 Best of the Net.


HEArt: Human Equity Through Art published two of my poems, “Steady Ground” and “The Perfume of this World,” from my collection of poems for Palestine.


I am beyond honored that Midway Journal nominated my tribute poem to Sylvia Plath, “The Most Terrible Thing,” for the Best of the Net award!


Sundress Publications interviewed me for their “Lyric Essentials” blog, in which poets record themselves reading a favorite poem and discuss why it’s so meaningful to them.  I discuss Traci Brimhall’s “Prayer to Delay the Apocalypse.”


Ostrich Review included my poem “I Know the Woman I’m Expected To Be” in its “Days of Being Wild” issue.


“We will never have justice until we stop valuing violence as a reasonable means of behavioral control.” “No Justice, No Peace: Blame Patriarchy” at Luna Luna Magazine.


“My boobs became a strange source of power, but also a heavy and marked emblem of shame.” Read “I Am Not My Boobs: My Tortured Relationship With My Breasts” at Luna Luna Magazine.

Rob Mclennan asked me some thoughtful questions about poetry and publishing for his blog.


“I Love Being Single and I Feel Like I’m the Only One”–new article for Luna Luna Magazine.


Issue 12.2 of Redivider is out, and it features my poem, “Maybe You’ll Come Back.”


Jaffat El Aqlam, a journal of Middle Eastern art and writing, has published my poem “Demolition Order” alongside some stunning artwork.


I’m honored to have some new work up at Split Lip Magazine, including two poems from my new manuscript about Palestine, Graveyard of Numbers.


Some excerpts from The Dark Length Home appear in the new issue of Split Lip Magazine.


I’m thrilled and honored to announce that my collaborative collection co-authored with the lovely Sarah Sweeney, The Dark Length Home, has been accepted for publication by Noctuary Press, a beautiful press whose mission for women writers I greatly admire.


I’m so humbled and thankful for this beautiful broadside of my poem “Morning Tea” published by Stirring.


“Why Opposing a Militarized Police State is Patriotic at Luna Luna Magazine.


My poem “Marching for Mike Brown” was published in Entropy Magazine’s Bearing Witness to Ferguson series.


New interview up at American Micro Reviews and Interviews: Sarah Sweeney and I discuss collaborative writing for our book The Dark Length Home, poems about love, sex, and Caribbean nights.


Obsession Fetish: What We Talk About When We Talk About Women’s Bodies published in Luna Luna Magazine.


Tribute poem to my idol, Sylvia Plath, upon the 50th anniversary of her death published in Midway Journal.


This essay is monumentally important to me, as my experience with this Peace Delegation was a personal, political, and spiritual journey. “Solidarity for Palestine: Reflections on a Peace Delegation” in Luna Luna Magazine.


“Bouquet of Phalli: Dick Pics in Digital Dating” in Luna Luna Magazine


“Nothing eats at a women quite like the ardent desire to shrink until you disappear.” From “[Confession] Lessons I’ve Learned as a Fat Girl” in Luna Luna Magazine.


“Don Draper is just like toilet water: it circles and circles and circles and then goes down the drain and then just comes back up to do it again.” Article for Luna Luna Magazine: “What Women See: Watching Television Centered on Masculinity.”  In it, I analyze Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and True Detective.


Poet Kristina Marie Darling had some lovely things to say about Reluctant Mistress at the Doctor T.J. Eckleburg Review.


Have you known a mean girl?  Have you ever been a mean girl?  We have to stop that behavior, ladies. New article I wrote: “Mean Girls: Stop Drinking that Haterade” at Luna Luna Magazine.


Melusine, a journal of 21st century women, features my poem “Interpreting the Dream” in their new issue.


Up the Staircase Quarterly features my poem “Change of Season” in its 24th issue.


What do you do when someone treats you like a whore?  New confessional piece at Luna Luna Magazine.


I presented this lecture at Kalamazoo Valley Community College on women poets and craft, and Bridle Path Press published it in their “From the Masters” feature.


Does a show revolving around four humans with vaginas automatically make it feminist?  Read my new article, “Girls, A Feminist Show? Yay, Nay, or Meh” at Luna Luna Magazine.


I reviewed Kristina Marie Darling and Max Avi Kaplan’s collaborative book of poetry and photography Music for Another Life at PANK.


Sarah Sweeney and I are honored to have excerpts from our collaborative chapbook, The Dark Length Home, appear in the Winter 2014 issue of Amethyst Arsenic.


I’m thrilled that my essay on Miley Cyrus and slut shaming has been well read and has stimulated a conversation about this issue on the web.  “Twerk, Miley, Miley, Twerk: How Miley Cyrus Criticism Reveals Our Fear of the Power of Women’s Bodies” at Luna Luna Magazine.


New essay analyzing negative female stereotypes in Homeland’s Carrie Mathison at Luna Luna Magazine.  “You’re the Dumbest and the Smartest Fucking Person–The Problem with Homeland’s Carrie Mathison.”

Episode 108

My poem, “Annie Oakley,” is featured on the Barbara Deming Memorial Fund website: I’m grateful to this organization for its generous funding of my work.


“Her heritage is womanhood, her fate is loving men, and her talent is surviving to tell the tale over and over and over again.” New review of Reluctant Mistress in Zoland Poetry.


My poems “Allegory of God’s Love” and “Annie Oakley” appear in the Fall 2013 issue of The Pinch.


The Kalamazoo Gazette ran a feature article about my poetry and my upcoming visit.


Happy to announce two pieces of good news: My poem, “Villanelle for Past Lovers” has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and I have the good fortune of winning a poetry grant from the Barbara Deming Memorial Foundation for Women.  Much gratitude for these honors!


I am beyond honored to have been asked to be a part of this beautiful anthology of poetry and art: Drifting Down the Lane.  I got my copy in the mail today, and it’s so incredibly stunning.



I have a new review up at PANK: Alexis Ivy’s Romance with Small Time Crooks.


New issue of The Poetic Pinup Revue, which features more collaborative poems from Sarah Sweeney and me from our book, The Dark Length Home.



My poem, “Divorce,” appears in the new issue of The Smoking Poet.


The Nervous Breakdown published my poem, “Couple’s Therapy,” from my book, Reluctant Mistress.


Sarah Sweeney and I debuted some of our collaborative sequence, The Dark Length Home, in Stone Highway Review.


Hannah Stephenson wrote a fabulous book, In the Kettle, the Shriek, and I reviewed it for Rattle.


The new issue of Gutter Eloquence features one of my darker poems, “Purity.”


My poem, “Affair,” appears in the new issue of Poets/Artists.


The Rumpus features a book review I wrote for Kristina Marie Darling’s lovely book, Palimpsest.


My alma mater, Western Michigan University, did a feature article about my recent reading in Kalamazoo.


I have a poem up at Clutching at Straws, an absurdist poetry journal.


Honest Press published my poems “Heartache,” “Guardian Angel,” “The Bitch,” and “Panic Attack.”


Goodreads Book Giveaway

Reluctant Mistress by Anne Champion

Reluctant Mistress

by Anne Champion

Giveaway ends October 08, 2013.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

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I am so thrilled and honored that my second poetry manuscript, Small Wreckage, was a semi finalist for the Black Lawrence Press Hudson Prize! aaa My poem “To Judy Garland” appears in the Summer 2013 issue of Broad! A Gentlelady’s Magazine. aaaa I reviewed Kristina Marie Darling’s new collection, Brushes With, for HTMLGiant. kmd-brushes-cover-front I reviewed Eva Heisler’s Drawing Water, a stunning new collection from Noctuary Press, for Bookslut. images New review of Reluctant Mistress at Heavy Feather Review: “I think, as I read Reluctant Mistress, that poetry is a spice—a thing we use to make life taste better. The stories we set out to tell are not always pretty ones, but in the end we must try to tell them as beautifully as we possibly can.” webbanner New interview up at Word Riot in which I ponder the state of 21st century romance.  Much thanks to Kristina Marie Darling for doing the interview! headshot1 decomP magazinE reviewed Reluctant Mistress for their July issue: “Thus, if the voices in these poems turn too often to “raw,” it is because these voices yearn for some signifier for the feral, the un-touched-up by language, the frenzy of a drunken make-out session or the pre-dawn sneaking away from someone else’s bed.” decomP The new issue of The Squaw Valley Review is out–featuring myself and all the wonderful people I met at the Squaw Valley Community of Writers Poetry Workshop last year. product_thumbnail.php New review of my book, Reluctant Mistress, published in Pank Magazine. ReluctantMistressFINAL1 I wrote a review for Gabriel Welsch’s The Four Horsepersons of a Disappointing Apocalypse for PANK magazine. Four-Horsepersons X Marks the Dress: A Registry by Carol Guess and Kristina Marie Darling is one of the best collections of feminist poetry that I have read in a long time. I gave it a glowing review in the new issue of Pleiades. domestic(1) New book review up at  PANK Magazine for Heather McNaugher’s System of Hideouts.  A lovely read! WSSeries-Sept-BookSystemHideouts I did an interview about my work for The Brookline Hub. brookline-hub-logo-tagline My poem, “The Revelation,” appears in the third anniversary issue of A-Minor Magazine. hand I reviewed Rosebud Ben-Oni’s collection Solecism for Bookslut.  This is a beautiful book that explores the tensions of multiculturalism. 9780944048504cvr I reviewed Carol Guess’ new collection of erasure poetry F  IN  from Noctuary Press for Rattle. fin_front   Three of my poems appear in The Poetic Pinup Revue’s themed issue, “Fire and Water, Earth and Air.”  This gorgeous journal features stunning artwork for every poem.  My poems and their featured artwork are below.  Check out the journal HERE. In order: “Napa Valley,” “Leap,” and “Black Ice” 4_5ChampionDayne 28_29ChampionSchneider 43_ChampionHofke Wonderful review of Reluctant Mistress at The Critical Flame!  “Champion’s poems are full of this double-sense: relishing the physical, but tormented and conflicted. They are in the tradition of the confessional poems of Sharon Olds: ugly, tormented, and sometimes tender when least expected. Sex serves as the mirage of redemption, but sex is clinical, cold and empty. Words, too, are emptied of any sense, leaving the syllabic mantra “oh, oh, oh.”” critical flame Sandra Beasley is one of my favorite contemporary poets; I was lucky enough to run into her at AWP and tell her so.  It’s with utter delight that I saw that she mentioned reading my book in her blog.  In this blog, she reviews Matthew Dickman’s phenomenal new book, Mayakovsky’s Revolver, and contemplates writing the Very Important Poem.  A lovely read. Author Photo for blog “Champion knows how to use the word ‘fuck’ in the most eloquent way.” New Review from Mary Stone Dockery. aaaaaa Verse Daily featured my poem “Snapdragons.”  Huge poetry milestone for me! aaaa A book review of Leah Umansky’s first collection Domestic Uncertainties at PANK magazine. domestic un I reviewed Kristina Marie Darling’s Petrarchan for the Ploughshares blog. petrarchan-cover-final My poem “Vows” appears in the new issue of Dressing Room Poetry Journal. aaa This awesome new issue of New South just came out, featuring my poem “Those Common Fictions.” new south1



Goodreads Book Giveaway


Reluctant Mistress by Anne Champion


Reluctant Mistress


by Anne Champion


Giveaway ends April 03, 2013. See the giveaway details at Goodreads.


Enter to win

In one of my rare forays outside of poetry, I wrote an article praising the merits of Honey Boo Boo, and PopMatters Magazine published it!


I’m so thrilled with this review of Reluctant Mistress by Kristina Marie Darling at The Rumpus.  Check it out!


Reluctant Mistress appeared on’s Hot New Releases List, peaking at #2.  It also made the top 100 Poetry Bestseller list.

Check out the review I wrote in PANK magazine for Shanna Compton’s Brink.


Reluctant Mistress is now available!  Purchase it at HERE. 


The wonderful Hannah Stephenson wrote a thoughtful write up about my book and interviewed me for The Storialist: On Creativity.  It’s such an honor to be asked such a great question about poetry by such an astute reader, writer, and critic.


Check out my review of Kyle McCord’s Sympathy from the Devil in Pank Magazine.


Here is a review I wrote of Kristina Marie Darling’s beautiful, pocket sized collection, Melancholia (An Essay), published in Rattle.


I have new work coming out in New South, Pank Magazine, Pleiades, Dressing Room Poetry Journal,  PopMatters Magazine, and The Squaw Valley Review in the upcoming months.

With the book release only a few short weeks away, here’s another glimpse at some poems published in The Fertile Source.  “Single Girls” is in Reluctant Mistress and “Small Wreckage” is the title poem for the new manuscript that I’m working on.


Another Reluctant Mistress sneak peak: “Wild Things” published in Nefarious Ballerina, an erotica poetry journal.  There’s an audio of me reading the poem, along with four other poems of mine in the issue.

It’s almost here!  My book is listed on Gold Wake Press’s Website, and you can pre-order it from Barnes and

Here’s an oldie but goodie: it’s a sneak peak of one of the poems that will appear in Reluctant Mistress published in Glass: A Journal of Poetry.

The cover for Reluctant Mistress is here!  Thanks to Dr. Ernest Williamson III for the cover art; Brian Mihok for the cover design; Traci Brimhall, Mary Stone Dockery, and Christine Casson for the book blurbs; and my editor, Jared Michael Wahlgren for everything he’s done for this book.

Stone Highway Review nominated my poem, “In Your Twenties,” for a Pushcart Prize!

Need a good book to read?  Check out my column at LitBridge!  These are the three books that I’m most excited about this year.  Find it HERE.

You can find me on HERE.

Check out my book review of Kristina Marie Darling’s newest collection The Moon and Other Inventions at PANK Magazine.

“Snapdragons” appears in the new issue of Cider Press Review. Also, check out my author profile on their site.

Several new poems of mine are now featured at The Eunoia Review.

“Autumn Equinox and Harvest Moon” is featured in the Fall 2012 issue of Boston Literary Magazine.

My press got a fancy new website and has some great bundle deals on their amazing poetry collections!  Visit GOLD WAKE PRESS!

Foundling Review published “Elegy for the Robin” in their August 2012 issue.  This wonderful publication also features an Author’s Corner–you can read where I got my inspiration for the poem! Read it HERE.

Stone Highway Review published three poems in their lovely Sept. 2012 issue.  Buy it or download it for free HERE.

The Montucky Review published “Woman Folding Origami”–a poem that is forthcoming from my Reluctant Mistress collection.  Read it HERE.

I’m deeply honored that poet Erica Wright wrote a REVIEW of Thrush Poetry Journal that favorably mentions my poem alongside the beautiful poem by Mary Stone Dockery.

Check out my poem, “If You Want to Write About Grief” published in Black Heart Magazine HERE.

Thrush Poetry Journal gave me the honor of being published alongside some of my favorite poets: Traci Brimhall, Mary Stone Dockery, and my editor, J. Michael Wahlgren.  Read the issue HERE.

I won the “Editor’s Choice” Award for my poem “Dabbling in the Occult” from the Line Zero poetry Contest.  Buy the issue HERE.

My poem, “Words,” was published by PANK and also awarded the Academy of American Poets Prize.  Find it HERE.